Educational Equity

In America, the school-to-prison pipeline is a pattern across our nation, especially in places where there is a lack of inequitable resources. Children who are at-risk are being disproportionately affected.

The pipeline is referring to policies and practices that put at-risk students out of the classroom and into juvenile and criminal institutions.

Secondly, minority teacher recruitment is paramount in order to ensure every child has an effective teacher in the classroom and an effective leader in their school, our legislators need to take bold action and put in place policies that serve to attract, recruit, and retain great teachers and leaders of color.

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Jobs & Workers Rights

Every worker has the right to ensure their human rights are not violated in order to ensure fair wages, benefits, and safe work environments. Jobs with fair & liveable wages are paramount in this day and time. We must fight for more job training and development in order to qualify for more jobs here in America.

Fighting on behalf of workers rights are paramount in these days and times. It is time to fight for the working class. Brackeen has taken on the fight for domestic workers protections. Many are very vulnerable to abuses such as wage theft and even sexual harassment, especially if they are live in workers. Brackeen organized a coalition to successfully pass a local resolution, which ignited a state-wide domestic workers bill of rights.

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Co-Sponsor of the Board of Alder's adopted legislative jobs agenda.

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Economic Justice

America is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, but there are many inequities. From the uneven distribution of that wealth, high taxes, unfunded mandates. The cost of housing, education, and living in America has become a burden to many, especially those in low income communities and people of color.

Brackeen believes that economic justice is one of the major fights that we as a nation must combat. Inequalities in America on an economic level is alive and well. The gap between the rich and poor has created a gulf. The American dream seems to be unachievable. Brackeen is a fighter in order to alleviate the urban working class, trying to keep their heads above water.

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Climate change is not an abstract problem for the future or one that will only affect far-distant places but rather climate change is happening now, we are causing it, and the longer we wait to act, the more we lose and the more difficult the problem will be to solve.

New Haven also take a stand in joining this effort on clean air and greenhouse gas pollution.

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Supported State of CT House Bill-5330, to extend the pesticide ban to parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, and municipal greens in CT.

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Youth-Student Rights & Empowerment

The 21st century is the time for the millennial generation to stand up for their rights and to become empowered to create social sustainable social policy. It is vitally important to give youth an position and place to have decision making power in their future and implement change in their lives and the lives around them.

Secondly, students pursuing higher education know that is the door to a future of making a stable and productive future. It should not become a barrier to be successful after earning certificates and/or degrees. No student regardless of their background or or place in life, should struggle to pay for a quality education.

It is vitally important that opportunities are created for young people to be mentored, cultivated, and sent out to become productive citizens in society. Brackeen's career has been totally centered around youth development as a former educator, youth program developer, youth leadership development coach, and youth-student conference & retreat facilitator.

Brackeen is also proud to have marched, petitioned, and supported countless youth civil rights issues, the creation of graduate student unions (GESO), and youth civic groups. Also, leading the charge to passing a local resolution for a student loan bill of rights.

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