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New Haven, Conn. – New Haven Alder Darryl Brackeen, Jr. was named Connecticut State Director for the Young Elected Officials Network, which helps to recruit young elected leaders across the state and provides them with resources and opportunities. Brackeen, 27, was first elected to the New Haven Board of Alders during 2013.

“There are many challenges that are ahead of us that are very complex in the state. We must be willing to collaborate and equip the next generation of leaders in order to create meaningful & substantive policy objectives,” Brackeen said. “As the incoming state director, we will identify successful models from around the country and help implement and ensure there are tangible resources to benefit our communities, no matter party line.”

The YEO, a program of People For the American Way Foundation, consists of over 650 young, progressive city, county, state and federal officials younger than 35 from all 50 states. Members of the Network are provided networking opportunities, idea-sharing space and policy support, and leadership building. At the Network’s annual convening 2016, for example, elected officials discuss innovative policy solutions for issues including economic development, education, environmental policy, tax reform, equality, healthcare and more.

Acting as a conduit for the YEO’s Connecticut network, Brackeen will work with all of the members to begin regional networking opportunities, connect young leaders to policy and skills resources provided by the Network and their strategic partners, and conduct outreach to elected officials between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested in becoming members.

Reactions to Alder Brackeen’s appointment from other community leaders are as follows:

“On behalf of our New Haven members of the CT Hispanic Democratic Caucus, I want to extend my sincerest congratulations to Alder Darryl Brackeen on his new appointment. As a two-term incumbent, Alder Brackeen brings experience and energy to get the job done.” – Joe Rodriguez, Chairman, CT Hispanic Democratic Caucus


“We hear a lot of negative news about the outlook for young people in Connecticut. It now falls on the next generation of Nutmeggers to carry the torch and keep the state Revolutionary. I am proud that Alder Darryl Brackeen will lead the Young Elected Officials Network and to help our generation work together to keep Connecticut a great state to raise a family with a high quality of life. Alder Brackeen has a proven track record of leading on issues that matter the most to Connecticut: education access, environmental policy, and job training.” – Doug Hausladen, Alder Emeritus & Director of Transportation & Parking.


“Darryl Brackeen’s appointment as Connecticut State Director for the Young Elected Officials Network is great news for young progressives across the state. Darryl’s record of leadership and accomplishment in New Haven provides a blueprint for how young elected officials can initiate positive change, and he is exceptionally qualified to build a statewide progression of young progressive leaders that will lay the foundation for Connecticut’s future.” – Fish Stark, a former candidate for Ward 1 Alder and board member of New Haven’s Downtown-Wooster Square Community Management Team

I am happy to see Darryl Brackeen appointed Director of the Young Elected Officials network. Brackeen is a young, energetic and intelligent natural born leader. It has been my experience that his addition to an effort is always to the benefit of that effort. Now with this appointment, I am sure we will all be better off for Darryl having such an important role in helping to develop the next generation of leaders” – State Senator Gary Winfield

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